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Farm Tours

We have a lot of exciting stuff happening on our farm and we offer a variety of ways to see and experience our farm firsthand. It is an extremely visceral experience to encounter where food comes from and explore the farmscape that creates it. Browse the options below to see if one fits you:

Customer Visits
In an effort to provide transparency, we offer the opportunity for any of our customers to come visit the farm and see how we produce the food we sell. We don't have anything to hide and will gladly answer any questions about our products and production methods. Because we may not always be around on the farm, we ask that you please contact us set up a time for your visit.

Field Trips

We love hosting students on our farm. As our society has become so disconnected from its food system, too many young people are not aware of where their food comes from or how it is produced. Many do not even think that farmers are an integral part of the food system. We can host age ranges all the way from pre-shcool to high school students. Each visit is tailored to the age group and the educational goals of the field trip. Basic info about field trips is as follows:
-Cost: $100 plus expenses
-Hands-on learning opportunities will be available when applicable
-A sufficient number of chaperones must accompany students

O3 (One-on-One) Guided Tours
If you are seeking to learn more about our farm or  pasture-based farming, we offer one-on-one tours with Nathan. These tours are in depth and down to the nuts and bolts of farming. Each visit is tailored to the specific needs and interests of each visitor. Time will be taken to thoughouly explain production models from beginning to end and answer any questions relating to such. Details are as follows:
-Duration: 1 1/2 hours
-Cost: $30
-Ability to see production models in action may be limited due to seasonality

Guided Group Tours
Our guided group tours are a great option for those who want to learn more, but aren't conerned with a one-on-one experience. These tours are scheduled once every 3 months (once every season) and cover the major elements of pasture-based farming for that season. The tour will stop at the cattle, pigs, and egg layers, with  meat chickens, turkeys, and sheep included when in season. See details below:
-Cost: Free!
-Tours are on Saturday mornings @ 9am
-Duration: 1 1/2 hours
-Contact us for scheduled dates

Farm Consulting
If you are starting your own farm, or just need some advice about where to go next, we offer consulting services on production model design and implementation, including Polyface designs and models. Services include fencing design, grazing system implementation, watering system installment, movable pen and structure design, poultry processing setup, and multi-species farming. Contact us for more details.

If you would like to come experience our farm, please contact us at tours@fairviewmeadowfarm.com to schedule your visit.