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Super Easy Pulled Pork
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Pulled pork has to be at the top of my list of favorite sandwiches. After all…toasted bun, delicious pork, barbecue sauce…what’s not to love?

But besides being so tasty, pulled pork is an ultimate convenience food. It is so easy to make in the slow-cooker and the leftovers are so incredibly versatile.

This recipe for slow-cooker pulled pork is an easy set it and forget it meal…throw it in the slow-cooker at the beginning of the day and dinner will be waiting in the evening. Perfect for those busy, non-stop days.

What about the leftovers? That’s the best part…the leftovers are so versatile that you will have easy meals for the next day or two…dinner, done! Here are some super easy, and delicious, ideas for using up that leftover pulled pork:

  • Tacos- put some pulled pork in a soft taco shell, add some guac and mozerella cheese
  • Nachos- pile high on some tortilla chips and top with some cheese, lettuce, salsa, jalepeno peppers and sour cream
  • Wraps- roll it up in tortilla with some coleslaw
  • Omelets- stuff an omelet, made with our eggs, with some barbecue pulled pork and cheddar cheese for an omelet that will blow your mind...and your taste buds
  • Quesedillas- put some pulled pork, olives, and pepper jack cheese between two flour tortillas and brown both sides in a skillet until the cheese is melted
  • Caribbean-style BBQ pulled pork sandwich- load a toasted bun with some bbq pulled pork, top with an over-easy egg and tropical salsa

Another great thing about pulled pork leftovers is that they are so easy to freeze. Put enough for a meal in a freezer bag and toss in the freezer for a busy day down the road. You can either pull it out ahead of time to thaw or just throw into a skillet while still frozen, add a little broth, cover and cook until thawed and ready.

This recipe may be simple, but sometimes simple saves our sanity. Between raising a family, running a business, and taking care of parents, life can become so overwhelming. Simple meals like this make it easy to get a healthy meal for your family on the table, without the hassle.

The freezer is stocked up with pork shoulder, so be sure to get one (or two) on your next buying club order.

Please share this post with a friend. They will so appreciate you thinking of them and thank you for helping make their life a little bit simpler!

In your service,

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