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Fresh, Pastured Chickens

The time of year is here! The glorious time of year when chickens are roaming the pasture, pecking grass, bugs, and seeds, just like they were made to do!

But the best part? These birds are nutrient dense and naturally delicious! There is no worry about what you are feeding your family, or what kind of yucky stuff might be hiding inside your chicken.

We have 3 dates available for picking up our fresh, pastured chickens:
-June 6th
-August 8th
-October 3rd

The Details
Birds are picked up on farm in the evening. You will receive an email prior to pick-up with the exact times.

Your chickens will be whole, cleaned, and bagged.

Optional cut-up service (cut up into 9 pcs. and placed back in bag). Cut-up charge $1.50/bird.

Birds weigh between 4-6 lbs.

Price: $3.45/pound ($5.00 deposit per bird due at time of order, the rest is due at pickup)

PayPal Ordering Tips
1. Choose your month
2. Choose whole or cut-up
3. Press "Add to Cart" (you will be taken to the PayPal checkout page)
4. Adjust quantity at PayPal checkout
5. If you would like to order chickens in more than one month, or if you want both whole and cut-up in the same month, press continue shopping in the upper right hand column.
6. Repeat steps 1-4.
7. Check out to complete your order!

**You can view the details of your order by clicking "more" under Chicken Deposit on the PayPal order form.**

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