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Free-range/ Pastured Eggs

Like our pastured broilers, our free-range hens are given access to fresh grass daily. These birds, however, are free to roam (range) the pasture in search of whatever delectable morsels they can find. It's fun to watch them chase grasshoppers! The layers are even more aggressive grazers than our broilers, contributing to the natural dark yellow/ orange color of the yolks in our free-range eggs. Eating a natural diet of grass and bugs also imparts much more flavor and nutrients than you find in the pale yellow conventional eggs. In addition to bugs and grass, our layers receive a premium quality non-GMO grain ration, free of any herbicides, pesticides, or medications.

We often get comments about how much better our free-range eggs taste than other eggs you can buy, including the organic, cage-free eggs you can get in the store (which, by the way, are not free-range)!

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Free-range/ Pastured Eggs
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