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Buying Clubs

Are you interested in our products but can’t make the drive out to the farm? Do you have some friends who enjoy healthy, wholesome farm products as well? If so, let us bring our products to you through one of our buying clubs.

What is a buying club? A buying club is simply a group of people that has a common interest in purchasing local, farm fresh food. The group's combined orders make it worth it for us to make the delivery to each location.

What can you purchase through a buying club? Retail items, like packages of ground beef, pork chops, chicken, etc. We send out a list of products we have available and you can pick what you want from the list. Bulk meat, such as a quarter of beef, is not available through our buying clubs.

Here is how our buying clubs work: Every 4 or 8 weeks, depending on the group, each member of the club emails their order to us. We then pack and deliver the orders to the meeting location for that group, usually the host member's residence, on the specified day and time. When you arrive to pick up your order, you will pay us and we will give you your products. Its that easy, that simple.

If you are interested in joining a club or would like more information,
contact us and we will be happy to get you plugged in.

Not interested in a buying club? We also sell bulk freezer meat. If you are interested in this option instead,
contact us for a price list and order form.

Current buying clubs:

**Please note: not all clubs are open for new members at all times. Please contact us for openings. If your preferred group is full, we will get you on the waiting list or you may be able to join a club with openings in order to get our great grassfed and natural products right away.**

Avon, OH
Bedford Heights, OH
Elyria, OH

Lakewood, OH
Strongsville, OH