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About Us

Back: Owen, Jessica, Louise, Chad
Front: Nathan, Westen, John

Our family settled on this farm in the early 1960’s when George and Vivian Joppeck moved their young family down to Wellington from South Amherst, Ohio. We began practicing grassfed farming around 2000 when Nathan (front left in picture) began to take an interest in agriculture.

Fair View Meadow Farm is run by Nathan Joppeck, his wife Jessica, and their children Owen, Westen, & Ivy (not pictured). Nathan's parents, John & Louise, also play a significant role on the farm. Nathan's brother and sister-in-law, Chad & Laura (not pictured), help occasionally as needed.

Nathan is a “graduate” of Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm apprenticeship program, where he spent a year learning the art of grassfed farming under the tutelage of Joel and the Salatin family. You can find Nathan's profile on the
Polyface website.


This is a picture of the Lorain County Fair and the immediate surrounding area. Our property is the square enclosed by trees in the upper left hand corner, right next to the fair. If you really squint, you can even see the white speck, which is one of our meat chicken pens!

Aerial photo courtesy of Ken Bartlett