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Fair View Meadow Farm is a 65-acre, family-owned, four-generation grassfed farm, nestled in the countryside outside of historic Wellington, Ohio. We specialize in high-quality grassfed meat and other natural and organic products. Our location is right next to the Lorain County Fair, hence our name.

We produce and sell:
We here at Fair View Meadow Farm live by the core principles of responsibility and local community. We raise our products in a responsible manner that enhances the lives of our customers, the promotes the welfare of our animals, and the protects the environment around us. Agriculture, food, and life are all part of an intricate system and we do our best to promote the health and wellness of that system.

We also believe in local community. Since we are a local, Ohio business, we only sell our
products here in Ohio. In turn, we make a concerted effort to support the local businesses around us. 

We welcome you to explore our website, and even our farm if you wish, to learn more about us and the exciting things we are doing!

10% of profits go toward fighting hunger locally
and around the world

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